Chick on Egg Plastic Mould

Bath Bomb Mould for Soap, Wax, Food and More

Individually Hand Made in the UK by Soak Rochford Ltd.

Perfect for Bath Bombs, Soap, chocolate, Resin, Wax, Plaster moulding Etc

Makes very beautiful bath bombs, which don’t need to be dried in the mould!

LDPE mould with great detail.

A lovely size to work with, and to use.

The ideal choice to create Bath Bombs, Wax  Soap, Resin, Plaster, Chocolate and many other more types of castings!

A Finished Mould is photographed on a board which shows sizing in Centimetres. To work out the dimensions of the product, count the squares it covers. This will give length and height.


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These Moulds are made from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE).

The advantages to LDPE are:

Robustness to Chemicals- High oil, fragrance, or PH content is no issue.

Flexible yet sturdy- Hold shape well, but press out easily.

Regain Original Shape- Go back to their original Shape once un-moulded.

Semi Clear- Able to see your creations in action!

FDA Approved- Suitable for creating food safe products.

Withstands temperatures as low as -50, and +80 (Celsius).

Multipurpose- Can be used for Bath Bombs, Waxes, Body Bars, Chocolate, Sweets, Soaps and More!


We suggest washing well before use in warm water with a drop of washing up liquid, patting dry, and allowing to air before use or storing.

In addition, the Manufacturer of the plastic recommends storing away from UV lights, and not to use anything abrasive  which could scratch the surface of the mould. Abrasive materials can make the mould weaker, or more difficult to unmould your projects.

(Please be aware, that due to the processes involved, occasionally you may find a wrinkle, or crease on the flat part of the plastic. All items undergo checks to ensure that it will not effect the use of the mould, and are therefore nothing to worry about).


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4 reviews for Chick on Egg Plastic Mould

  1. Rachael Gunter

    This is such a cute little mould and looks fab painted up with mica! Produces perfect bombs everytime for me. Love it!

  2. Jennette Macmanus (verified owner)

    Really cute little mould and perfect turnpit everytime

  3. Jesspreece001 (verified owner)

    Super cute mould and easy to use

  4. hippipippi (verified owner)

    easy to work with, cute little mould, paints up well

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