Soak Rochford Digital Gift Card (Birthday Themed)

Buying a gift Card?

Stuck for birthday gift ideas for the maker in your life? Perhaps they’ve even hinted at an assessment they’d like, but you aren’t quite sure what to purchase? Why not treat them to a birthday-themed gift card from Soak Rochford Ltd! Our digital gift cards can be personalised with a custom message for your loved one, and automatically sent out to them via email on a date of your choosing. Simply select the amount of money you want to give, write your message and checkout as normal. Our automated system will then email the recipient with a gift card code, where they can click the link to apply the code to their account.

Received a gift card?
Simply open the email you have received which contains your gift card code. You can then click “Shop Now” which will add the code to your basket.
Alternatively you can copy the code in the email, and add it in yourself in the checkout area. (Please note that the code does not go in the “Apply Coupon” box in the basket, it goes into the box which says “Have a Gift Card” which is located in the Checkout area).


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Add to Wishlist



A Digital Soak Rochford Gift Card
Emailed out to an email address you specify, on a date you set.

Gift cards will not have VAT charged on them when they are initially purchased, but the VAT due will be collected when the Gift Card is redeemed.
This is in accordance with UK Law and the following extract is taken from HMRC:
“With credit vouchers, any VAT due is paid when the voucher is redeemed, whereas with retailer vouchers, any VAT due is paid when the voucher is transferred after issue and when it is redeemed.”

Therefore VAT receipts will not be available with the purchase of a Soak Rochford Digital Gift Card as no VAT would have been paid. Instead the VAT will be displayed as an itemised total on the invoice provided once the voucher had been redeemed.

Gift vouchers are non transferrable and cannot be exchanged.
Gift vouchers are also a “Vitrual” Product therefore are exempt from returns and non refundable too.



£5, £10, £25, £50, £100, £150, £200, £250


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