Helpful Tools for Your Creative Process

Because when those orders start pouring in, you will need a helping hand… Or tool

When introducing new tools and equipment to Soak Rochford, we like to offer products that we know will make our Soakies’ lives so much easier.

We draw on our own experiences and gather tools that will take creations to the next level, tidy workspaces and make amazing bombs.

Helpful tools for your creative process
Embed Making Mould

Our mould is made specifically for creating rainbow embeds. It will hold around 500g of bath bomb mix.

Simply divide your coloured mixture out, compressing in between each layer. Once full, flatten off, and turn out. Cut the shape into the desired thicknesses vertically to create easy, beautiful rainbow embeds.

Plastic Bottles with Flip Cap

Perfect for safe storage of chemicals. These plastic bottles resist damage to all kinds of chemicals, including fragrance oils.

Great to decant into, for people who buy liquids in larger quantities.

Perfect storage for those that pre-dilute their water-soluble dyes or for people who buy liquids in larger quantities.

Pokey Stick

19cm metal stirrer, ideal for all sorts of crafting needs.

The flat end is ideal for using as a scoop for dyes, whilst the main purpose of the stirrer can incorporate oils, colours, fragrances etc into your creations.

The ball end can also be used to tap moulds to release your creations.

Use the pokey stick to create beautiful swirls in soaps, wax, or bath bombs.