#2 Hair Conditioner/Hair Mask Assessment

*Please read the ENTIRE listing before purchasing.

If you have ANY QUERIES please contact us in our facebook group, or have a look in the “Contact Us” part of the website*

The listing is for the assessment (Cosmetic Product Safety Report) only. It is a document which is written in your name, and gives you the permission to sell your products legally within the UK and also EU. Ingredients are bought individually. The cost of the ingredients will depend on many factors- including which sizes you buy, and which fragrances you wish to have. Play around with adding different size bottles/packs etc to your basket and seeing what it totals. Adjust this amount until you are happy. The information listed below details what you will be able to use within this report. You do not have to buy every colour, and every fragrance that this report allows but it gives you the permission to do so. You will not need to send samples of anything you have made to Soak Rochford, or our assessor.

This Hair conditioner/Hair Mask treatment assessment has been formulated by Soak Rochford Ltd with the help of its customers. It is created for customers, by customers and approved by a very credible Cosmetic Safety Assessor.

Upon purchasing this report you will be able to create thousands of styles using the Soak Rochford Hair Conditioner Base, using a combination of 10 fragrances (plus an unfragranced version) in a range of coloured micas, Neon Non bleed Pigments and glitters. Fragrances cannot be blended in the same product, but any combination of the colours, micas, glitters and pigments can.

The finished product created by this assessment has also been run through a Preservative Efficacy Test (PET) and comforms to all requirements of criteria A as specified in the standard BS EN ISO 11930:2019. This is an extra step Soak Rochford have had undertaken to ensure that this product will remain unable to grow bacteria once made.

Allowed Base:
Soak Rochford Hair Conditioner Base,

Our assessor has generated this report, by assessing the fragrances, colours, and glitters that Soak Rochford provide- therefore this report will only be valid when using our supplies of those. The main base must also be purchased from us.


This Report Allows the use of:
x10 Fragrance oils from this pack: #2 Fragrance Pack (Blue Man, Dazy Flower, Funky Monkey, Good Girl, Midnight Opium, Miss Koko, Savage, Space Purple, Totally Tropical, Very Cherry)
PLUS an unfragranced version.

x12 Micas from this range: Mica Pack (Intergalactic Golden Blue, Asteroid Gold, Total Eclipse Black, Cosmic Red, North Star Silver, Solar Yellow, Milky Way White, Purple Planet)
PLUS Star Gazer OrangeNeptune BlueGalaxy Purple and Supernova Amethyst. In any combination up to the maximum amount specified on the report).

x12 Water soluble dyes including the ones from this range Assessment Water Soluble Dye Pack (Red Granular, Black Granular, Orange Y6, Citrine Yellow, Sapphire Blue, Indian Pink, Emerald Green, Turquoise,)
PLUS: Amethyst BlendBlue LagoonSeafoam Green, Violet
  and Fluo Yellow  in any combination up to the maximum amount specified on the report.

x6 Neon Non Bleed Pigments from this range: Assessment Non Bleed Pigment Pack (Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink, blue, Purple. In any blend, and any combination as specified on the report)

x2 Glitters (Gold, and Silver airbrush glitters, in any blend, and any combination up to the maximum amount specified on the report).

This report allows for Hair Conditioner or Hair Masks treatments to be made in any shape but cannot resemble food.

After purchasing, please complete a submission form online at www.soakrochford.co.uk/assessment-submission-form.  We will use the details you provide so please ensure these are correct. We have to share your contact details with our assessor in order for them to add your details to the report, we will never share your details with a 3rd party. By submitting a completed “submission form” you are giving us your consent to share your details with our safety assessor.

Once you have paid for this report, our website will redirect you to an area where you can download the recipe. Ideally it is best to be on your computer or laptop so you can save these files, however- do not worry if you are purchasing on a mobile phone etc, as these files will be saved if you go to the top bar and navigate to the “downloads” tab under “My Account”. You can then view/save these at any time. Once you have the recipe/method, you may start to practice with making products, prepare your labels, register with the portal, and start creating your PIF file.
These are all things which are the responsibility of the report owner, and are required for anyone wanting to sell any cosmetic products legally within the UK/EU, however we (and other customers) will assist you in our Soak Rochford Facebook Support Group.

In office hours, we will forward your details to our assessor who will generate the report and email it back.

The report can take up to 4 weeks to be returned, however we will always aim to have them back much sooner.



We encourage customers to email us on [email protected] with any questions prior to ordering, as refunds will be difficult to issue. This listing is classed as digital goods, and depending on how far your order has been processed, will be subject to different admin/assessor fees.
This report has been created by Soak Rochford Ltd- therefore remains our intellectual property. We appreciate customers confidentiality in handling the data it contains, and by purchasing this report you understand we may instigate legal proceedings against those that share it unlawfully. This  recipe may not be sold on, or given to others without permission from Soak Rochford LTD, but may be viewed/used by the named person on the report, or any of the named persons employees.


Soak Rewards are exempt from this purchase, as the costs involved are compromised of assessor, and other admin fees).


This item is worth 26 Soak Rewards!
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Please read the ENTIRE listing before purchasing. If you have ANY QUERIES please contact us in our Facebook group, or have a look in the “Contact Us” part of the website.

Valid for the UK/EU



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